Linking Streaming Video

Instructions for creating direct links for streaming videos

Select the database where you found the title or segment you want to use in your class to obtain instructions for creating a direct link.

Films on Demand

Adding urls into Canvas for full titles or segments of films is easy. Perform a search. Determine if your result is for a film segment or for the complete title. Select either the title of the segment or the link to the full title. The Record URL box is just below the viewing box. Copy and paste the url into Canvas.

Digital Campus

Digital Campus is our main provider of feature films.  Email our reference desk,, to get login instructions for film links or embed code.

Exception: The only time a Digital Campus film url must be added by a library staff person is if it's for a Disney title, as those films have different copyright restrictions.

Kanopy Streaming Video

You can copy the url in the address bar for Kanopy titles.  You do not need to add the proxy prefix.

Alexander Street; Film Platform

You can copy the link in the address bar but you need to add our proxy prefix. Here's an example:

The original link:

The link with our proxy prefix:

Bay Path Streaming Video Server

Films that we currently have on the Bay Path Streaming Video Server are formatted like this (note-the http:// prefix is correct, we don't need to use an https:// prefix)  Students are prompted to login with their email credentials.

Workarounds for all vendors

Advise students having difficulty getting access with the canvas links to go to the database using a direct link.  They will then need to search for the specific film they want to view:

Alexander Street -

Bay Path Streaming Video Server-

Digital Campus

Film Platform -

Films on Demand-

Kanopy -

Contact the Hatch Library at or (413) 565-1376 if you need further assistance.

HATCH LIBRARY 539 Longmeadow St, Longmeadow, MA 01106  •  (413) 565-1376  •

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