Linking to ebooks

Instructions for creating or obtaining direct links for electronic books

Linking options are determined by each vendor. Here are instructions for our main ebook providers:


Click on the book title then select the Permalink option from the toolbar on the right side of the page. The permalink will appear as indicated in the screenshot below.


Click on the book title and copy the url that is in the address line.  You can remove any extraneous text after the end of the docID number, if you'd like. The link should work either way.


You are always prompted to login to EBL books, even if you are on campus. Once you select the book title you want, you can copy and paste the url in the address bar.

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Use the Bookmark feature to create a link to a GVRL article or entire book.  Once you create the link, you will need to remove the incorrect proxy prefix.  You must then add the correct proxy prefix to the url to get the link to work correctly off campus.  The proxy url is


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