Hatch Library Policies

This policy applies to all persons who use Hatch Library and Hatch Virtual Library resources including Bay Path students, faculty, staff, and visitors not affiliated with Bay Path University.


An active partner in the University's commitment to innovative teaching, Hatch Library connects the Bay Path community with resources, services, and learning environments that enhance students' intellectual and professional development and promote lifelong learning.

To encourage academic success, Hatch Library develops collections and services carefully tailored to the curriculum. To support Bay Path's focus on leadership, communication, and technology, Hatch Library collaborates with faculty to integrate information literacy at all levels of the curriculum; offers personal research support to students, administration, and faculty; selects, acquires, organizes and provides access to a wide range of traditional and emerging information formats; promotes the wise and ethical use of information and technology; and creates appealing learning spaces whether in the Library or online. The Library maintains a highly qualified staff dedicated to public service and creative approaches to librarianship.

As a primary focus, the Library develops services, collections, and technologies to assist students in all programs and locations in their course work, independent study, and intellectual enrichment and to provide faculty and administration with the resources, support, and access they need for teaching and administering the University. As a secondary focus, the Library seeks to provide some of the more important resources faculty need to continue their personal research interests, to provide a collection of general interest materials reflecting a wide range of topics, and to be a walk-in resource for the Longmeadow community. The Library supports the ALA Library Bill of Rights, is dedicated to resource sharing, and supports the efforts of various consortia including the Cooperating Colleges of Greater Springfield, Massachusetts Library System, and LYRASIS.


  1. Hatch Library is a place for study, for research, and for recreational reading. All use of the Library should be such as will not impede, hinder, or inconvenience these primary functions.
  2. Some spaces in the Library may be reserved by students and other members of the Bay Path community at this link on the Hatch Library home page:
  3. Food and drink are allowed in the study areas of the Library. Care should be taken to avoid spilling on furniture or materials from the collection. Food-free zones include the book stacks and areas with equipment such as computers and printers.
  4. The Library has been declared a smoke-free building. No smoking is permitted anywhere in the building.

Computing Ethics and Responsibilities

All Hatch Library visitors are obliged to:

  1. Use computers and research materials in ways that comply with copyright law.
  2. Uphold principles of academic honesty, such as avoiding plagiarism.
  3. Refrain from using library computers or facilities in inappropriate ways that impede the ability of others to study or conduct research.
  4. Comply with the University's sexual harassment policy, which prohibits conduct that could create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment.
  5. Comply with the University's Academic Technology Policies regarding Information Technology Ethics and Responsibilities as outlined in the course catalog.


  1. The Library welcomes the suggestions of its users for new books, dvds, and periodicals to be purchased. Suggestions for purchase may be made in writing and dropped in our suggestion box or by e-mail to the Director of Library & Information Services. Signed suggestions will receive a reply.
  2. The Director of Library & Information Services has the final responsibility and authority for the purchase of Library materials.


  1. Several categories of people are eligible to borrow library materials from Hatch Library:
    1. Faculty - Includes part and full-time employees with the classification of teaching and emeritus faculty, professional staff and administrators.
    2. Student - Students currently accepted and enrolled at Bay Path University.
    3. Staff - Current employees of the University with a staff classification.
    4. Cooperating Colleges of Greater Springfield (CCGS) - Students and faculty of the eight CCGS institutions with a valid college ID and a Springfield area address.
    5. Alumni of Bay Path College or University - Includes graduates of Bay Path College or University.
  2. Persons who do not belong to one of these groups are welcome to use the facilities of Hatch Library, but they do not have circulation privileges.
  3. To borrow material from the Hatch Library, users must be registered in the Library's circulation computer system using either a University ID card or a Special Borrower library card with barcode.
  4. Users must present their University ID card or a Special Borrower library card with barcode for any circulation or reserve transaction.
  5. It is a condition of use of the Library that all who wish to use it agree to abide by the rules and regulations that appear in this document.
  6. Several categories of items do not circulate. These items include reference materials, journals, magazines, and newspapers.
  7. No Library material may be written upon, marked in, ripped, torn, defaced, mutilated, stained, or used for any purpose other than its intended use. Those using Library materials, whether in or out of the building, are responsible for any deterioration in the condition of the material while in their use, and for the safe and timely return of the material to its proper location or to designated return areas.
  8. The length of time for which an individual may check out Library material may depend upon either the type of material and the individual borrower's status (or both). In general, books and kits circulate for three weeks and dvds circulate for one week.
  9. Material which is needed for reserve, for preservation, or for another user may be recalled at any time.
  10. Most material may be renewed once. Renewals may be requested in person, on the telephone, or electronically using the online catalog or email.
  11. The circulation system will send two overdue notices. The third notice will be a bill for the replacement cost of the item. All replacement bills are referred to the Business Office. The borrower is responsible for the timely return of all material borrowed on their card, whether or not reminder or overdue notices were received from the library.
  12. Material that has been checked out to another person may have a hold placed on it by someone else who wants to use it. Placing a hold on an item is the equivalent of being placed on the waiting list for that item. Material on which a hold has been placed may not be renewed.
  13. Library circulation records are not considered public records. It is the Library practice not to divulge the name of the current borrower of a particular item to Bay Path University faculty, staff, or students. The Library will notify the borrower regarding requests for sharing Library material. The Library considers the person who checked out the material to be the one responsible for it until it is checked in. Sharing material with another user does not change responsibility.
  14. Borrowers who lose or damage Library material will be assessed a minimum $50 replacement and processing charge up to the actual replacement cost of the item. If a lost item is found and returned in good condition before the replacement has been ordered, the charge will be refunded.
  15. Borrowers who have been billed may not borrow additional library materials until all billed items have been returned or replaced.


  1. Material judged by faculty to be essential or important to the needs of courses they are teaching may be placed on reserve in the Library. The Library also may place on reserve material requested by any official University committee, or by recognized student organizations. Such requests should be made by the committee or organization leader.
  2. A Hatch Library Reserves Request Form completed by a faculty member must be submitted at the time of the request. The form is available at: Reserve Request
  3. Reserve material must be checked out and used within the library building unless other arrangements were made by the faculty member putting the item on reserve. Reserve material should be returned to a Library staff member at the Circulation Desk.
  4. Since textbooks are not generally added to the Hatch Library's permanent collection, faculty members wishing to put a textbook on reserve are asked to provide a desk or personal copy for temporary reserve use whenever possible.

Interlibrary Loan Services

  1. Interlibrary Loan Services (ILL) may be used to obtain library materials for study and research which are not available at Hatch Library, but are available from other United States libraries to lend. The Library does not lend or borrow internationally.
  2. ILL is available to current Bay Path University students, faculty, staff, and alumni.
  3. All ILL requests are searched through the OCLC Network. There is usually no charge for this service, but the Library reserves the right to charge for the service in special circumstances. Textbook requests will only be filled by free lenders. If no free lender is available, the ILL user will be notified, and the ILL request will be cancelled.
  4. All materials obtained through interlibrary services must be returned to the Library's Circulation Desk by the due date.
  5. Late return, loss, or the poor care of ILL materials jeopardizes Bay Path University's ability to obtain interlibrary loans in the future. As such, it is considered an abuse of Library privileges.
  6. Borrowers who lose or damage ILL material are responsible for replacement costs, as determined by the lending library. This may also include a proessing fee. If a lost item is found and returned in good condition before Hatch Library has paid for its replacement, and the lending library agrees to take it back, the charge will be refunded.
  7. The Library reserves the right to limit any individual's use of interlibrary loan services or to reject any request for service.

Special Loans

  1. Bay Path University students and faculty who are returning to campus in the fall term may check out Library materials for use away from campus during the summer. Borrowers must provide a summer address and agree to return the material promptly if a recall is issued.
  2. Bay Path University faculty and students who will be off-campus on study programs officially sponsored by the University may check out materials needed for their program if access to adequate library resources will not be available at the place where their program will be conducted.

Use of Library by Non-Bay Path University Users

  1. Persons not affiliated with Bay Path University or the Cooperating Colleges of Greater Springfield are welcome to use the first-floor facilities, with the exception of reservable study rooms, and non-restricted resources of Hatch Learning Commons until 7:00pm. After 7:00pm, Hatch Learning Commons is only open to Bay Path University students, faculty and staff.
  2. Persons not affiliated with Bay Path University or the Cooperating Colleges of Greater Stpringfield are welcome to use all level facilities of the Hatch Learning Commons as a guest of a Bay Path University student, faculty, or staff member, so long as both the Bay Path University member and the guest are together in the same space.
  3. Persons not affiliated with Bay Path University or the Cooperating Colleges of Greater Springfield do not have circulation privileges.
  4. In accordance with campus-wide Bay Path University and Hatch Learning Commons policy, children under the age of 16 may use the first-floor library facilities, with the exception of reservable study rooms, only if they are accompanied by an adult or have a valid University ID. Visitors may be asked to show an ID with proof of age.
  5. Bay Path students, faculty, and staff have first right to use of the study space and computers at Hatch Learning Commons. Persons not affiliated with Bay Path University may be asked by staff members to relocate or refrain from computer use because of Bay Path student, faculty, or staff need, or because of a violation of any policies of the University.
  6. In accordance with campus-wide Bay Path University policy, non-Bay Path organizations may be charged a fee for the use of Hatch Learning Commons facilities.
  7. Patrons who violate this or other Hatch Learning Commons policies may be prohibited from using the Learning Commons.

Printing Charges

  1. Printing on Library public terminals is subsidized through student tuition and costs are not passed on to the user. Library users will be charged the market price for copies made on the leased copy machine.
  2. Library staff should warn users, especially the general public who are obviously abusing the printing privilege, that charges of 10 cents per page may be charged for excessive printing.

Personal Safety

  1. Library staff are expected to call Campus Public Safety immediately if at all threatened or made to feel uncomfortable by any library user.
  2. Library staff are expected to call Campus Public Safety if any library user is at all threatened or made to feel uncomfortable by any other library users.

Use of Library Offices and Equipment

  1. Library offices and equipment are intended for use by library staff and student employees for official business purposes only, except that the fax machine may be used by Bay Path students, faculty, and staff by request.
  2. Library users will be referred to the appropriate campus department for use of specialized equipment (i.e., Information Technology Services for specialized computing and audiovisual needs, or Office Services for color printing).
  3. In special circumstances (to be determined by the staff member in charge at the time), only Bay Path students, faculty or staff may be allowed to use this library equipment if supervised by library staff and no extra fees (such as long distance calls) are involved.


  1. Misuse or abuse of Library privileges is considered a serious offense. The following are examples of misuse or abuse of Library privileges:
    1. Failure to respond to a recall notice.
    2. Failure to respond to an overdue notice.
    3. Removal of Library material from the Library without properly checking it out.
    4. Checking out Library material using a barcode issued to another borrower.
    5. Damaging, defacing, or using Library material, equipment, or furnishings for other than their intended use.
    6. Bringing prohibited items into the Library.
    7. Causing serious or repeated disturbances in the Library.
    8. Refusal to comply with the legitimate request of a Library staff member regarding the rules and regulations outlined in this document.
  2. These examples are given as illustrations only, and should not be taken as a complete list of abuses.
  3. Penalties for misuse or abuse of Library privileges may consist of one or more of the following:
    1. A monetary fine for the replacement of Library material, equipment or furnishings.
    2. Revocation or restriction of Library privileges.
    3. Referral to the campus judicial system for appropriate action as specified in the University's academic rules and in the student handbook.
    4. Referral to Campus Public Safety.

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