From time to time, we'll respond in this space to unsigned requests we receive in the Hatch Library suggestion box.  Here are some of the most recent requests, with our replies:

The following items received good reviews, so they have been or will be ordered:
*Bend It Like Beckham (DVD)
*Captain America 2: Winter Soldier (DVD)
*Green Street Hooligans (DVD)
*Just As Long As We're Together, by Judy Blume (book)
*Orphan Black, Season 2 (DVD)
*Rio 2 (DVD)

The following items did not receive good reviews, or do not meet Hatch Library collection development guidelines, so they will not be ordered:
*Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas (DVD)
*Kiss the Girls (DVD)
*Quest for Camelot (DVD)
*Supernatural (TV series)

Hatch already owns the following requested items:
*Divergent (book & DVD)
*Snow White, both animated and live action versions (DVD)

NOTE: You can place a hold on books or DVDs we own through the Hatch online catalog (; or

The Hatch suggestion box is on the top shelf of the Popular DVD collection on our main floor.  If you sign your name on the sheet with your suggestion, we'll respond to you directly through Bay Path email, and notify you when a newly ordered item is available.  We welcome your suggestions anytime.

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